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Hunter Battles

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Hunter Battles

Post by SHERLOCk on Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:28 am

This is a unique event in which we put our best effort to be the best event of the server
As a first step we have implemented ad Registration and opening ceremony.
Also, once admitted to this event will be notified as soon concludes. And as is the next registration period (approximately every 1 hour)
In the event the most luxurious implementation is that a player to reach more than 10 deaths followed a row this event will be killer and will add on to two points at once to death. At death loses status of "THE KILLER".
As another implementation of this wonderful event is found in the houses that are in the top of hunter inside.
Ai the same within these houses is a gk to take him to various locations all within the hunter cruzarce event and with the enemies and score points, and also is a noble and NPC buffer with 1 hour buff all.

Available Reward:
Must add more than 10 deaths to get the reward and the team has to be the winner.
More than 1 kill(s):
5 event medals
More than 5 kill(s):
15 event medals
More than 10 kill(s):
1 BEWS and a habeas
More than 60 kill(s):
2 BEWS and two habeas medals and 15 event
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