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Skills (Moonligth Sentinel) Repaired

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Skills (Moonligth Sentinel) Repaired

Post by SHERLOCk on Mon Jun 07, 2010 4:06 am

Skills Fixed:

Rapid Fire
Enchant skill:
Power:Increase P.Atck
Time:Increase effect duration

Enchant skill:
Power:Increase Patck , Requierd bow

Lethal Shot
Enchant Skill:
Power:Increase effectiveness
Cost:Decrease mp consumition
Fire:Increase fire damage
Water:Increase water damage
Wind:Increase wind damage
Earth:Increase earth damage
Duel:Increase Dmg in PvP

Bow mastery
Enchant skill:
Power:Increase P.atk
Swiftness:Increase A.Speed

Counter Rapid shot... Its changing to active skill (Retail in c5)
Counter Dash..Its changing to active skill (Retail in c5)

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