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Opening 9/06/2010

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Opening 9/06/2010

Post by SHERLOCk on Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:31 pm

Lineage 2 star seven open its doors to the public to experience one of the best adventures that you could live in this case virtual game lineage 2 for us the best game there is.
The server will be a test atlantis 2 weeks with high rates to test bugs, problems, skills, bonus, and more zones.
After 2 weeks the server will give wipe and begin again.
The rates changed to 50 and i stay on, the online server without further amendment.
We understand that these two weeks will be on the server (Beta Version) is for reasons that datapacks come with problems and the admin can not solocionar not find them all so we need your help.
Thank you very much L2 Seven Star staff

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