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Rules of Forum

Post by SHERLOCk on Mon Jun 07, 2010 7:06 am


User registration

1 .- To post, only registered users can do. As a registered user access a limited amount of privileges that allow you to use the forum once you have completed the registration form in which the only data required are those specified there. The rest of the data that are not marked as mandatory are voluntary and it is understood that if they are delivered is made freely and without pressure.

2 .- To prevent your mail to be published on the web can choose to not display.

3 .- Lineage2Critical never marketed to the data provided.

On mutual respect:

1 .- Do not post any kind of personal attack to another user. It is forbidden to insult other users and / or disrespect to other users of the web (including staff). Violating this rule leads to the expulsion of the forum if you think appropriate.

2 .- It is forbidden the posting of messages containing racist, sexist or discriminatory. Such comments are considered a grave lack of respect and will be highly punished the perpetrators who commit this type of failure.

3 .- Do not post messages with the sole aim to make fun of another user.

4 .- Messages must be a minimum of education and respect.

5 .- Those topics deemed offensive will be removed from the forum and consider measures.

On the use of the forum:

1 .- Users should post in their respective sections. The threads that are created in their respective sections will be moved by a moderator to the corresponding subforum and added a penalty to the person who created it.

2 .- Do not be permitted to create posts dedicated "to", this means that you can not create issues with matters "For the user that is" because the forum is a place for the community in general try to help, not to become a channel of communication restricted to two people. If a user needs to go directly to another must do so by private means (PM, MSN, etc.).. Not publish private conversations, whether instant messaging, and IRC, PM, and no other means of communication.

3 .- Non-abuse case / colors / emoticons / phpbb codes that difficult to read the message. The case colors are allowed only when the user needs to emphasize something.

4 .- It is not allowed to post two times (double post). If you forgot something edit your message.

5 .- are prohibited messages with pornographic content / Zoophylic / pedophiles etc.

6 .- In the thread title should briefly clarify the issue to be addressed so as to avoid creating multiple threads on the same subject and get more organized forums. If the title has nothing to do with the content of the topic, this may be deleted without notice.

7 .- not allowed to write messages where the content has nothing to do with the subject where it was written. That is considered "theft" of posts and can be eliminated.

8 .- When you report a message that may be breaking the rules, and in clarifying the same user is missing to the rules, it shall not consider the complaint and shall be punished to the user who is reporting the message be making one or more breaches of the rules.

9 .- It is forbidden to post or request that I posted with a different user account, under penalty of banning the account and even the game if necessary. The penalty will be worse if you pay / give away to someone banned from the forum. The sanction is both the lender and the loan.

10 .- If you detect a user who posts messages for sport, without any content of interest, for the mere reason to raise their post count or to spam the forum will be banned permanently.

On the proper use of images:

1 .- The maximum size of an image (or the sum of several) that are allowed at a personal signature is of the following measures:

Width: 600px
Height: 200px
Weight: No greater than 150 Kb

Not allowed more than 350 characters in the firm, which should not exceed 4 lines in total.

Note: If the image dimensions are very close to the limits specified above, will only add a brief review of 50 characters and should not exceed 2 lines can distance nor more than two lines on the image.

If you fail to comply with this rule, your signature will be deleted by a moderator and will also be punished.

2 .- The maximum size of an image that can be placed in a post should not exceed the width set by the forum (600 pixels) where to publish the image exceeds these dimensions should be used or system Thumbails Thumbnails linked to his image

Note: This rule has no effect on the Council forum in the corresponding subforum.

3 .- Non-post pictures on other users without their consent. In the event that the claim concerned the picture, remove it and punish the user who posted.

4 .- It is not allowed to include in any User avatar Title (image that represents the post in the forum under the nick: Administrator, Moderator, Member, etc.) This is confusing to users who are not familiar with the forum.

5 .- Do not be permitted to use or publish pictures with sexual content, morbid, pornographic, graphic violence or any other image of strong content that may affect the sensitivity of those using the forum.

If you fail to comply with any of these rules will be sanctioned and its image deleted by moderator on duty.

On the properties of the author and the legality of Lineage2:

1 .- It is not allowed to copy text from other sites / forums / etc. and paste them into this forum without indicating the source.

2 .- It is not allowed free advertising page / forums / servers / games and other outside Lineage2.ES. This type of content will be removed by the moderator on duty, and its author banned.

3 .- It is forbidden to post any kind of cheat or hack or program or to refer illegal or incite the use of such programs.

4 .- None of the files that can be shown here are hosted on this server. The links are provided for users of this site. The administrators of this site are not responsible for these, or any other actions of its users. The aim of this forum is not to distribute material for download. When the material is copyrighted to be used, responsibility lies with the user only adhering the link.

5 .- The moderators, administrators and webmaster are not responsible for the topicality, accuracy, reliability or quality of information provided. Any claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore, rejected.

Moderators, Locks, Deleted, etc ...

1 .- A moderator has no obligation to justify its sanctions against the community. If an administrator request must be justified, but not to the community. Anyway, at the discretion of the moderator is publicly justified or not.

2 .- staff at any time may revoke the privileges that a user has to use the forum. Remember that having a user on the forum does not give them power or authority over it.

3 .- The forum moderator will never edit, delete or block a message that does not violate the rules (except for public interest - as a FAQ or at the request of the author himself)

4 .- If you have something to say / suggest / argue about the actions of a moderator, contact him or her directly. Do not use the forums as a place to complain or comment about the subject.

* These rules may be modified at any time without notice.
** The ignorance of these rules does not remove the responsibility for its breach.


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