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Atlantis Beta Rates!!

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Atlantis Beta Rates!!

Post by SHERLOCk on Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:41 pm

Atlantis versión Beta x2000:

Gracia Final Version (ct2.3)
2000x: XP / SP / Adena
10x: Spoil
100x: Drop
10x: Quests
Enchant: +4 safe
Enchant: +35 max enchant
Enchant: 62% Average chance
Enchant: 67% chance Bless

- Dedicated Hosting, Data Center in U.S.
- GMs DEV assets and personal with a great knowledge Lineage2 able to look after all your problems
- Community Hospital
- Daily updates and backups to prevent unwanted problems that can occur
- A restart / 12GTM days
- Geodata active (full)

Customs npcs:
- Town buffer in all cities / Lvl 40-85
- Newbie buffer in all cities / Lvl 1-40
- Buffer events / Lvl 76-85

- Wedding Priest
- Clan C5 100% working system inclusive clan lvl 10 and all clan related missions are working.
- Subclass without quest
- Auto learn skills
- Skills Working 81 and 83 all. Learning books Pentecost
- Champion crowds System
- Manor system
- Nobility and Olympiads
- 7Signs
- Fortaleza, epullate drop of all the guards.
- Duel system
- Rebirth feautures Manager in turn. Unique working 100%
- Hellbound, entry without a quest.

- Instances edited by admin Wink
- Ranking Arenas and reward every 1 hour.
- Rune Battles
- Hunter Battles
- Battles Sttudgar
- Treasure Chest
-Dm Battles and more events.
And more ....... Join us

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