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Town Buffer

Post by SHERLOCk on Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:03 am

The Town Buffer Beryl can be found in every towns, and provides characters level 40 or higher a greater magical support.

Following resistances are available:

* Mental Shield (60minutes)
* Resist Shock (60minutes)
* Chant of Protection (10minutes)
* Chant of Spirit (20minutes)

Following prophecies are available:

* Prophecy of Wind (20minutes)
* Prophecy of Water (20minutes)
* Prophecy of Fire (20minutes)
* Chant of Victory (20minutes)

Following buffs are available:

* Windwalk (60minutes)
* Berserker Spirit (60minutes)
* Blessed Body (60minutes)
* Blessed Soul (60minutes)
* Shield (60minutes)
* Magic Barrier (60minutes)
* Haste (60minutes)
* Might (60minutes)
* Death Whisper (60minutes)
* Focus (60minutes)
* Guidance (60minutes)
* Agility (60minutes)
* Acumen (60minutes)
* Empower (60minutes)
* Wild Magic (60minutes)
* Concentration (60minutes)
* Blessed Shield (60minutes)
* Advanced Block (60minutes)

Following dances are available:

* Dance of Fury (60minutes)
* Dance of Fire (60minutes)
* Dance of Inspiration (60minutes)
* Dance of Warrior (60minutes)
* Dance of Vampire (60minutes)
* Dance of Concentration (60minutes)
* Dance of Mystic (60minutes)
* Dance of Light (60minutes)

Following songs are available:

* Song of Wind (60minutes)
* Song of Earth (60minutes)
* Song of Warding (60minutes)
* Song of Vitality (60minutes)
* Song of Meditation (60minutes)
* Song of Life (60minutes)
* Song of Water (60minutes)
* Song of Hunter (60minutes)
* Song of Renewal (60minutes)
* Song of Champion (60minutes)

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