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Rebirth Manager Implemented

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Rebirth Manager Implemented

Post by SHERLOCk on Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:45 pm

Thurn Located in Giran Castle Town:
Once your character you Reach the LeveL 85 May figthing historical reborn to Improve Abilities.
Upon reborn, your character will be reseted to level 40 and you will be Give a Book Rebirth
You Can Use the Books at the Rebirth Rebirth Manager Horin in Aden..
You May reborn your character up to three times.
Each player eat with three items Tiket That Called Rebirth npc will ask for Each of the rebirth.

For each rebirth you can choose to learn skills liabilities as:
Haste, Wind Walk, migth, Hp, Mp, Dmg Crt, Crt Rate, Agility, Empower, Acumen, Regneration...

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