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Skills (Spellsinger) Fixed

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Skills (Spellsinger) Fixed

Post by SHERLOCk on Mon Jun 07, 2010 4:58 am

Skills Fixed/Implementation

Skill Sleep:
Delay: 15(s)
Effect Duration: 4/6(s)
Increase the efficiency in skill

Skill Cancellation:
Remove:3 buff and 2 dances
Increase chance
Old values: 42 %
New values: 47 %

Aura Flare:
Re Use Delay changes
Old Values:1,5(s)
New Values:1,1(s)

Robe Mastery
Enchant Skill:
Power:Increase P.Def
Mana:Increase Mp Reg
Magic Defense: Increase Magic Defense

Arcane Power
Enchant skill:
Power:Increse Power

Resiste Aqua
Enchant Skill:
Power:Increase effectivity
Time:Increase duration
Cost:Decrease mp consumition

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